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Ezequiel Robles
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Experienced with flagstone, pavers, bricks, cobblestone, gravel, stone, granite, rock, block, and other hardscape materials.



Landscaping, Hardscape Construction Services, plus Landscaping Maintenance with three trucks and 3-12 seasoned crew, we can offer the following services in the Willamette Valley and beyond.

Landscaping in the beautiful Willamette Valley!
Working in the landscape and hardscape trades 1984, Ezequiel "Jesse" Robles acquired the skills and experience to become a specialist representing his own landscape and hardscape company that he launched in Salem, Oregon in 2002. 

Licensed, bonded and insured!
Ezequiel Robles Landscaping is a creative, and diligently reliable family-owned and operated company to call for all your Willamette Valley landscaping, landscaping maintenance, and hardscape construction needs. In addition to landscaping services, Ezequiel Robles provides experienced hardscape services, such as stone, brick, block and rock work creating patios, walkways, retaining walls and more.

VIEW PHOTO EXAMPLES of past hardscape projects like patios, walkways, retaining walls, stairs, ponds, waterfalls, water features and fire-pit construction.


Hardscape & Other Services


Retaining walls of all types, rock, block, stone, etc.

Stone, rock, block or tile walkways, paths and patios

Wooden and stone steps

Stone or block fire-pits

Stone, brick or block planters

1/4 gravel paths

Fence and hand-railing installations

Water-features, ponds, waterfalls, fountains

Install garden art and trellis work

Installation of sprinkler systems

Repair existing sprinkler systems

Backflow installation and testing

Pressure washing walls, sidewalks, paths & driveways

All Landscaping Services

Lawn maintenance

Lawn mowing and edging

Lawn and garden weeding

Tree and bush pruning

Leaf and debris blowing & clean-up

Lawn, plant, tree and garden fertilizing

Tilling, and thatching

Sod removal

Soil amendment

Install new lawn sod or grass seed

Bark dust application

Landscape maintenance of all types

Garden planting and shaping

Tree planting and shaping

Tree removal and relocation


Client Testimonials

Jesse and his crew have been doing all types of landscape-related work and maintenance for both myself personally and for numerous clients for over ten years. I like his professionalism, courtesy, and reliability. He can do really everything, with both extraordinary competence and very competitive pricing. I never hesitate to recommend Ezequiel Robles Landscaping!

Don Jones, Broker, John L Scott Real Estate
Beaverton, OR

Ezequiel "Jesse" Robles work has far surpassed my expectations on the project he did for me. My new cobblestone pathway was done quickly, without a mess, and is such an enhancement to my property that I'm already planning the next projects I can hire Ezequiel Robles Landscaping to do! I'm definitely referring him to others with high praises.

Barbara Castleman
Salem, Oregon

BE AWARE! Are they really licensed as a professional landscape design contractor?

All landscaping maintenance companies are not all equal. Many claim to be 'landscaping contractors', but truly are only yard maintenance crews. They are not licensed and certified as having taken the extra education necessary for licensing as a landscaping contractor.  Be sure to ask for proof that they are landscaping contractors to ensure high quality professional work. As a homeowner, it can be difficult to discern if the landscape professional you're hiring has all the right qualifications, licensing, insurance, etc. Contractors that are not licensed are not held to the high standards of the state's licensing board and if you hire someone who is not licensed, you no recourse if you have a complaint against the contractor. Homeowners want to get the best price for their yard design project, however, if you hire an unlicensed contractor you have no assurance of the project's quality - or even if the project will be finished at all. Examples of complaints you cannot file if you are working with an unlicensed contractor:

    Fails to fulfill the terms of the agreement
    Has poor construction or workmanship
    Abandons contract or refuses to perform
    Fails to pay subcontractors or material suppliers
    Violates building codes or doesn't comply with safety of labor laws or fails to pay taxes or fees.
    Departed from project plans or specifications
    Used false, misleading or deceptive advertising

A contractor with only a basic license cannot perform work on aspects of the yard design like gas lines, electrical, masonry work over 6', and retaining walls over 3', paving on structural slabs, roofing, fireplaces, structures, and any work on the construction of pools and spas. A separate license is needed for all of this work. A bid that is initially lower may be loaded with potential risks of financial and legal consequences. Licensed contractors are subject to laws designed to protect and defend the consumer. Check to make sure they have the appropriate licenses to do the work you are contracting for. 

Licensed landscape and hardscape contractor
License #7784 and License #14569


Ezequiel Robles Landscaping is a reliable family owned and operated landscaping company. View our patio and landscaping photos for rock-wall and patio projects we've done in Oregon.

Don't settle for less than the best quality hardscape workmanship
and landscaping development.



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LICENSE #7784  and LICENSE #14569

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